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Why my phone is hanging too much? Here are some steps to enhance your Android speed.

Update the software on your phone: Make sure the operating system and apps are the most recent versions on your phone. Bug fixes and performance enhancements are frequently included in updates.

Frequently restart your phone: Restarting your phone can make it function better by cleaning off its memory and ending any background apps.

Delete superfluous files and data, including cached files, outdated downloads, and useless media files. Uninstall any apps that you are no longer using. This can increase performance and free up storage space.

Choose a lighter launcher: Instead of using the default launcher that came with your phone, think about utilising a lighter launcher software that uses less system resources.

pre-installed apps: You might not utilise the pre-installed apps on many Android phones. To increase performance and free up resources, disable or remove these applications. Limit the number of widgets and live wallpapers on your phone. These can cause system resource consumption and phone slowdown.

Reduce the amount of widgets on your home screen and think about switching to a static background from a moving one.

Regularly clear the cache: Temporary files and data that can be slowing down your phone can be removed by utilising programmes like CCleaner or by clearing the cache of individual apps.